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Short Guide To Mortgage Loans

Posted by on Oct 29, 2016

Short Guide To Mortgage Loans

A dream of owning our own house is something that most people cannot achieve without the help of banks and similar financial institutions who are willing to borrow large sums of money needed for such an investment. Houses and apartments are not so cheap after all, and they present a significant expense, and most people do not have enough money to pay the asking price in one payment. Unless your parents are millionaires or you were born into a royal family, chances are that you will try to save as much as you can but you will still have to seek financial assistance and ask for a loan. Loans which are used for buying a house or a real estate are called mortgage loans.

Mortgage Loans Basics

Mortgage loans are something which may seem complicated to people who are not informed enough, but the concept behind this method is pretty simple: the client goes to the lender, i.e. to the bank, and gets enough money to buy the property, but he has to return that money in a specified period and with interests included. Also, the property in question will usually serve as a collateral, which is a guarantees that the debtor will fulfill his duty and return the money in the agreed manner.

If the he or she defaults the payments, banks are entitled to seize the property, which is known as foreclosure. This act of repossession is something which may seem scary and off-putting to some clients, but mortgage loans are perfectly safe and helpful if you pay your monthly installments regularly.


Good or Bad?

Mortgage loans are a very good option for young couples and other people who need large sums urgently, but there are some restrictions in the conditions when it comes to these loans. Banks will always check if the clients are eligible for the loan, and they mostly check credit ratings, income and other debt obligations. All of those steps are designed to inform the bank about the client’s financial history and possibilities, since they want to be sure that the client is reliable and can pay his loan in time.

Usually, banks give out mortgage loans for a period of 15 or 30 yeas, and these options are the most common but they are not the only ones. Banks and clients can establish different patterns and arrange other time frames, and some banks offer loans for 10, 20 or 40 years. The borrowed money is than payed through regular monthly payments, which are known as amortization. This term refers to the process of reducing the loans gradually, and monthly installments are made of several components: principal, interest, taxes and insurance.

The size of the monthly payment can be the same trough the entire loan, which is known as fixed rate, and if the rate fluctuates and changes frequently then we speak of adjustable rate, and these loans are known as ARMs. No matter the type, mortgage loans are designed to offer easy access to urgent money and to help you buy your dream house, while thinking about the payments later.


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Cancelling the credit cards – should you do it ?

Posted by on Oct 24, 2016

Cancelling the credit cards – should you do it ?

If you just can’t do without credit, you’ll normally have a couple of the major credit cards in your financial arsenal. But what can you do if your wallet is bulging with all those credit cards, most of which you haven’t really used for some time? Should you cancel it? That appears to be a no-brainer question. Closing an unused credit card is the best way to prevent future debts, and helps you in securing your great credit rating. This seems like a win-win situation – but not if you are planning on applying for a loan anytime soon.

Should I Cancel My The Credit Cards

While it may be good to cancel an unused credit card in layman’s theory, it can prove to be at your disadvantage if you are considering on financing a car or home purchase with a loan. This is because the total debt on all your credit cards has a significant effect on your credit score, which is in turn one of the evaluating factors used in loan processing.

Models used for credit scoring use a variety of aspects in the process of calculating your credit score, not excluding the results of dividing the total valued amount of your debt on credit cards and your revolving accounts, by the valued total of amount in available debts which is found on the same accounts.

The equation should result in a value which is less than one, and the lower the value, the better you are off. A value equal to one means that your outstanding debts are equivalent to your available credit, and would also mean that you have maxed out all of your cards.

Canceling An Unused Credit Card

Canceling an unused credit card without paying of the credit debt results in a ratio change, which makes it look like the card user is overextending the limit. Since your credit score is significantly dependent on all your available credit lines, it is best to hang onto all of them, at least after you have that loan application approved, and the money is on hand. But if the balance on your credit cards is virtually zero, closing as much unused accounts as you wish won’t put a dent on your credit score, and it is better if you do away with some them anyway.

Not closing unused accounts is a good way to qualify for a loan, but if you have trouble with credit or had to deal with the situation in the past, another opening of credit line means more temptation for spending, and it would be best to close it.

Once you’ve been approved of the loan and you wish to do away with some of your credit cards, be sure to pay off the balance before you close the account. Card companies are wary of customers who are looking for a way out of their system, and will deliberately jack up the interest rate on your remaining balance if they sense that you are planning on pulling out.

If it proves too late for them to do that, they may offer you perks by upgrading the status of your card, or by offering you two-for-one air trips. The decision to stick with them or to pull out is all on you, but be sure that it is you who receives the better end of the deal before you consent to the continuation of your account.

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Payday Loans – ELC Loans

Posted by on Oct 21, 2016

Payday Loans – ELC Loans

Business of payday lending has, for a few years now, been transferred online, and major lending agencies are available to everyone. This stirred the world of finance and in particular the world of lending due to high number of lenders going online and forming online organizations which offer their services on larger scale than before. Competition in the field of online payday lending is big, really big, and there are hundreds of online payday lenders that advertise their products hoping to attracts customers. From the whirlpool of both legit and less legit sites that offer this kind of service I would like to bring your attention to ELC Loans. Why them will be explained in the rest of this article.web-payday-lenders-pa

Short ELC Loans

Now, let’s start at the beginning with general introduction of ELC Loans ( ElcLoans if you prefer online search over this article ). For those that are restless and those that can’t be bothered with reading full articles I will summarize ELC Loans in a sentence or two. So, in short ELC Loans work through application that is made for a loan. That application will require some of your personal info, data about employment and similar things.payday-loans-spike-1360x860

Once you send that application the staff behind ELC Loans will review your application and your data and approve or reject your application. If your application is approved they will employ one of their lenders who will make contact with you to finalize that loan. Once you have sorted all details with that lender the amount you applied for will become available to you in 24 hours after you have applied for that loan.

For those that wanted short introduction this is enough, for those that want more info the rest of the article is there to read. Major part of payday lending is application and info you must provide in order to qualify for the loan.

Needed requirements for borrowing

First requirement is connected with the age of the borrower. The borrower can’t be underage, under 18 years old. This is done in order to go with the general slider4law, and the fact that borrower needs to have some source of income which will be the source from which loan can be repaid. So, if you work and you have income form salaries you get, then there is no reason for not getting the loan from ELC Loans.

But you might not be able to work due some circumstances, which is also OK. If you are receiver of either Social Security or Disability kind of income then there will be nor problems with your application for the loan, and you will have no issues in getting that loan.

You must have a valid bank account in order to receive a loan from ELC Loans. This requirement exists to simplify the transfer of resources aka loan. Once our loan is approved it will be transferred to your bank account. And when a time comes to repay that loan the amount will be automatically withdrawn from that same bank account.
A simple process, if I may say so.



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Payday Loans for Unemployed People

Posted by on Oct 7, 2016

Payday Loans for Unemployed People

It has been several years since the financial crisis of 2007-08, and thankfully, we are steeply recovering from its after effects. Last year, the unemployment rate went down below the two million mark for the first time since the recession. This shows that unemployment is not increasing, and is being dealt with. In the coming months, many unemployed persons are predicted to find it easier to secure jobs.

Tough Times

However, it’s understandably difficult for people to get through the days when they are unemployed.  It becomes increasingly tough to make ends meet. At times like these, when there’s no inflow of cash through salary, it becomes a serious issue for you to pay your credit bills, causing your credit score to plunge,. This makes the situation scarier as it becomes next to impossible to get your loans approved.

Even though your unemployment may be for a temporary period and you hope to get out of the situation soon, it can still cause you financial troubles. Your unemployment status takes the probability of getting a regular loan out of the question, which leaves meagre choices for you to get hold of some cash to meet your very essential needs. You might be thinking of contacting your relatives, friends or family to get some help, because you believe getting a loan is just impossible. However, that’s not true!

Pay Day Loans To Save The Day! Payday Loans Unemployed

When there’s little hope, yet great need, you can always go for payday loans. These are short term solutions designed to help people during financial difficulties. You can pay off these loans at your next payday.

You may be thinking how you would be able to get this loan during your period of unemployment, because usually lenders enquire about some source of regular income to approve loans. Well, pay day loans are indeed usually approved on the basis of documents which show a regular income source. However, if you are unemployed, you can get the loan by showing evidence like disability, alimony, or unemployment income. You will be good to go if you are able to prove that you get a monthly income by some means; once you do this, you will be able to get access to a reliable vendor for your payday loan.

Take The Right Step

To get a payday loan, the first thing that you have to do is find a reliable payday loan brokerage. There are numerous online payday lenders, and not everyone is trustworthy, so you have to be cautious. They can do more to enhance your troubles, rather than help you out. Search for a reliable payday loan brokerage that offers payday loan services from credible lending institutions.

One of UK’s top pay day loan brokerage, Cheeky Payday can easily help you get a payday loan in very less time. Hence, if you are in financial stress, fill out their loan application right now. You will get an update on the status of your payday loan application within a few hours only.

Every cloud has a silver lining, apply for a payday loan on Quiddi Compare, and get access to a pay day loan as soon as possible!


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Bad Credit Loans

Posted by on Oct 7, 2016

Bad Credit Loans

All that it takes for downhill in the world of finance is one simple mistake. Yes, just a single one ! Having a poor credit history can really be a problem for most people as it increases difficulty in finding loans. Financial companies often avoid lending money to people who have bad credit, with the thought that they will again be not able to pay for the loan.

If you had a bad credit in past and you would like to acquire a mortgage loan today, you are probably having headaches as you can’t find any. Or if you even find one, you are faced with such enormously huge interest rates and difficult loan terms. In the event that you seek for credit from a bank or a credit card company, all the details are passed on to the credit bureau. They are tasked to monitor how well you are paying your financial obligations which are then translated into your credit score.

Credit score

In the simplest terms, a bad credit score will hinder you from acquiring competitive loans and other financial services. But you also need to know that having a poor credit past isn’t the end of world just yet. You still have to option to shop for bad credit loans. At a time where the continuously increasing cost of living is taking its toll on consumers, financial companies are also going tight in giving out loan plans. If you are in dire need of quick cash and if you are constantly rejected by financial institutions, taking a bad credit loan can be your lifesaver.

These loans are offered at low interest rates and have more favourable terms, which is a really big advantage. It is also flexible enough to fill the needs of every borrower as it can be in the form of secured or unsecured loan. Another obvious advantage of this kind of loan is that it can also help you in retaining your financial freedom back. It will also give you a chance to improve your credit score as well as solve your financial problems.

Wrong loan

However, you need to be aware that poor decisions may only put you in harm’s way. Choosing the wrong loan can be a disaster and can further worsen your financial state. That is why you should be careful and thorough when choosing which bad credit loan is the best one for you. To save some time and effort, it is highly advisable to seek for these loans in the internet, since internet is packed with these. With just a little bit of patience you may find the answer to your money problems.

But, in order to choose the right one for you, you must do some research, since you want to choose the best one available. Another way that can help you in choosing the right one is word of mouth – ask people who had these kind of problems. They know more than you so they will be able to help more than anyone.


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What Basic Requirements Do You Need To Meet When Applying For Payday Loan?

Posted by on Jan 23, 2016

What Basic Requirements Do You Need To Meet When Applying For Payday Loan?

It is widely known that this kind of loan is designed for short amount of time and has high interest rates. People who are in a need of cash or who are in troublesome situation before their next paycheck resort to this kind of solution. If you decide to get payday loan, here are the requirement you will need to fulfill in order to get one.

Most of the lenders won’t require from you to be employed, but you must have some sort of a steady income during a month. In this way the companies want to secure themselves that you will be able to repay borrowed money.

In order to apply for this kind of a loan, you must be the resident of the state in which you are applying. That means you can’t be the resident of Texas and apply in New York.

You must fulfill legal age limit and the lender will seek from you to be at least 18 years old. Anyone that is under that border won’t be taken into a consideration.

You credit history must be clear, which means you can’t be in any bankruptcy case or you have any intention to voluntary file for bankruptcy. In this case you won’t be able to apply for payday loan, because the lender won’t have conditions to refund its means.

If you want to apply for this loan, you can’t be the member of Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force or Cost Guard, that is on regular service.

How to apply online?

If you want to apply online, then you have to be able to provide social security number or individual taxpayer identification number. Through these number the lender will check your credit history and determine whether you are suitable for this type of a loan.

Some of the companies will send you verification code through your mobile device, this is only for the situations when you are applying online. Advice would be to keep you mobile close, because the code you get, will have to be entered on site of the lender.

On the other hand, if you are applying in-store, the company will only require from you to bring a valid photo ID, that government has issued. In this case you will not need social security number.

Also regarding an application in in -store, you will have to bring a proof of your income and a proof of your bank checking account. Debit cards will be also accepted in these cases. But for the first hand information it would be wide to contact your local department. Because these detail vary from state to state.

You will be also required to have bank account one moths old, anything under that won’t be accepted.

As you can see, every legitimate lender will ask from you to fulfill these conditions. If these conditions aren’t on requirement list then it would be wise to give up that lender and search for something more appropriate and trustworthy, because you will be subject of a scam.

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